Arrow Season 5 Release Date, Trailer, Teaser & Cast

By | August 21, 2016

Since it starts, Arrow has stood out as one of the best CW shows and therefore, the CW is very excited for the comeback of one more season. According to the CW network, Arrow Season 5 Streaming will be live in October. It’s a long road to there. Therefore here are a couple of things that we know about Arrow Season 5 Streaming so far. Have a look. The team Arrow is going to have a new character introduced as David Meunier in the cast of the Season 5.

arrow season 5 trailer

Watch Arrow Season 5 Release Date

As per the sources, Arrow Season 5 will go live on October 5, 2016, at 8. he’s going to play the role of Ishmael Gregor who is an intimidating Godfather of Bratva, and who takes a particular interest in our vigilante cum millionaire; Mr. Oliver Queen. As we have learned from the Arrow four seasons, that villains are most likely to emerge from Ollie’s flashbacks, Gregor is possibly going to be featured in one of the flashbacks too where he meets Arrow.  

Arrow Season 5 Streaming, Trailer & Teaser

From season 1, the makers of Arrow were consistent about showing dual timeline (one of the present and the other of Oliver’s past). It’s safe to assume that Oliver’s Russian time is going to be more populated with the new casting. When asked about Huffington, Meunier revealed that he’s excited to play the villain and also has shown some pictures of him in the Russian setting with the gang members which confirms it. Also, our first look at the fantastic Prometheus adds to the flashback weight as it is stated that his introduction theme is going to be the Anatoly return.

Arrow Season 5 Cast

Talking about the story, the season four ended with Thea being adamant about being Speedy, Diggle going back to the military. Team Arrow with just Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. However, as the Arrow Season 5 streaming gets going; more vigilantes introduce themselves stepping up to protect the Star City. Oliver on being appointed as Mayor, couldn’t justify both the roles and suffer from the identity crisis. According to the scriptwriter, Arrow Season 5 Streaming won’t include anything that is closely related to magic or drama. It focuses entirely on the criminal underworld including mobs and gangs.

We are going to get lots of Bratva, Los Halcones, Bertinelli and co and some of the familiar faces including. When asked why is that they have chosen to direct the theme, the writer said:

Arrow has been all about metal and magic in the last couple of seasons. It’s high time to actually focus on things which are more real and which happen on daily basis across the streets of Star City or for that any existing city.

So, they have decided to reflect back to the storyline of season 1 and based on that has cast some new people who can enhance the story line and its ambiance. Going by this, we’re going to see tons of action considering that Felicity and Oliver together are going to train new members into Team Arrow.  The first episode of Arrow Season 5 streaming is going to be on October 5th, 2016 on CW network as it published the schedule. Let’s finger cross and wait for the ride!

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