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By | September 1, 2016

It was in March; CW has announced the comeback of Arrow with Season 5. Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen later in a Facebook live chat has revealed few Arrow Season 5 Spoilers that came out as intriguing to everyone. He said that Arrow Season 5 Spoilers is going to give us someone who was absent for the last two seasons. As soon as he revealed, that fans started analyzing the possibilities out of which 80% of them came to a conclusion that it’s going to be Slade Wilson played by Manu Bennett. However, Slade appears in the Season 3 for a brief amount of time. So, who is the one that he’s talking about? Here’re a few possibilities. Take a look!

season 5 arrow spoilers

Arrow season 5  Spoilers & Predictions

1. Helena Bertinelli: It’s been a while since we have seen the Bertinelli family or the Huntress. She was put in jail after her father’s death in the second season. Her comeback would be pretty much interesting as she will have a face off with Arrow again? However, she doesn’t have anyone to take revenge on and therefore the purpose of bringing her back is quite weak relatively.

2. Anatoly Knyazev: Well, looks like there is no such character as such in Arrow, right? Yes, I thought the same before writing this article. However, he’s the same person who appeared in Season 2 as Oliver’s friend in the prison of Lian Yu. He also appeared in Season 2 after Oliver returned to Star City and helped him break Diggle and Lyla out of the prison of Gulag. Anatoly is leading Bratva and therefore with so much hype about Russia and Oliver’s Bratva tattoo; I guess he is the strongest favor than anyone on the list. He might also be the one to teach Oliver how to speak Russian!

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3. China White: The Triad has played a huge part of Oliver’s past in the second season. However, one of the main leaders China White was put in jail and entirely disappeared the show without any clue. Now that Oliver is playing the Mayor; he also has the responsibility of dealing with the organized crime of China White both from Political and also Arrow’s perspective. Therefore, there’s a high possibility of him to appear opposite to Oliver.

4. Walter Steele: In Arrow season 5 Spoilers, Walter Steele who divorced Moira still maintained good relationship both with his children and also ex-spouse. However, he did not make an entry after the finale of Season 2. Now that Oliver is the Mayor; he might appear back providing some assistance and advice to Oliver and to act as a guide. But according to the spoilers, Thea is going to take the work in her hands and carry the weight of the Mayorship. Let’s see!

5. Moira or Robert Queen: Seems quite off, but yes! We all know that both of them are dead. But are they? After Season 3’s exciting “The Return” episode where they appeared technically; won’t there be any chance of their coming back? Arrow season 5 Spoilers also predicts that, Oliver often keeps getting glimpses of his dad as visions and flashbacks along with Moira that both of them were fleeting. If you’re The Flash fan and if you know about the Flashpoint timeline (the upcoming season’s timeline), is it too hard to believe that Oliver can bring her mom back just like Grant Gustin (Barry) decided to? Well, but unlike Barry, Oliver doesn’t have superpowers of course. But at the bottom of my heart, I still have a little hope on both of them!

Arrow season 5 Subtitles

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